Know All about Organic food: What is Organic Food, Health Benefits and why go Organic?


Health begins with what you eat, Go organic!

What is Organic food, why Go Organic?

  1. Organic food is grown with natural fertilizers and plant based pesticides
  2. Growing Organic food uses no synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides
  3. Organic livestock raised for meat, eggs and dairy products is given organic fee, no antibiotics or growth hormones

Health Benefits of Organic Food

  1. Taste
    Organic food taste better like they naturally ought to.
  2. Nutrition
    Organic milk and dairy products contain higher omega fatty acids and vitamins for a reduced risk of heart disease
  3. Fitness
    Organic food leaves you feeling lighter, healthier and more energetic
  4. Health
    Organic food is rich in antioxidants and improves immunity
  5. Lighter
    Organic foods like meat are low in saturated fatty acids to help your heart health

Let’s make organic our Lifestyle!
Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy!




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